2006 Inductees  

Ronald D. Kelly
Ronald Kelly has spent most of his adult life promoting aviation. He served in the Airforce from 1956 -1960 and in1958 was Airman of the Month, Alaska Air Command. In 1959 he began his flight training. Shortly after his discharge he enrolled at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale.

Circumstances prevented Ron from pursuing a flying career, but his love of aviation took him to Southern Illinois airport where he performed many valuable duties on a volunteer basis. In  1964 he became Assistant to the Director of Airport Operations. In June of 1972 he was named Assistant to the Director of the Air Institute and Service at SIUC. He also retained the title of Assistant to the Manager of Southern Illinois Airport. 1977-1989 he was Director of SIUC’s Air Institute and Service. This was a period of fantastic growth in enrollment and aircraft flight training. Ron retired in 1991, but  working part time, has taught the General Aviation Operations class (AVM 374) in the SIUC off campus Aviation Management degree program both on and off campus ( offered on military bases around the USA). He has always ranked among the top instructors in the Off Campus program year after year. He was the SIUC representative to the IATA, the NATA and the NBAA.

Beyond employment his aviation activities were far reaching. He formed the Saluki Club in 1961. He helped form the first National Intercollegiate Flying Association team at SIUC in 1962. He was a Faculty Advisor SIUC “Flying Salukis” from 1962 through 1984. He was National Intercollegiate Flying Association Council member since 1973, serving as National Vice Chairman and Chairman in past years. He also was Alpha Eta Rho National Vice President since 1995. University Aviation Association Treasurer during much of the 1990’s.

Ron has received many awards including the United Airlines William A. Wheatly Award in recognition for outstanding contributions to aviation education, from the University Aviation Association in 1983. He also holds accreditation from the American Association of Airport Executives.

Ron’s leadership helped put SIUC on the map with a nationally recognized flight program, especially via the success of the SIU Flying Salukis (seven national titles from 1976 to 1984) and the growth of the Flight program. Ron’s perspective was and always  has been aviation industry-wide, but very focused on general aviation and on airports.

Neil L. Pobanz
Neal earned Associates Degrees at Parks College and worked on the training fleet as an A&P in 1958. He was also a Cessna dealer at various airports as well as an IA and Service Manager in Moline. From 1961 to 1993 he served in the military, US Army Aviation. After discharge in 1963 he continued employment as a civilian at Rock Island Arsenal as a mechanic, pilot, maintenance test pilot and instructor, retiring in 1993, with 32 years experience in the position of Army Material Command Aviation Officer. In 1993 he was midstate Aviation Inspector and mechanic at Elliott Aviation. From 1995 to present, he was Manager of Marshall County Airport, Lacon Illinois. He is also owner of Lacon Aero Service Inc., FBO and also serves as Senior Technical Consultant for the American Bonanza Society from 2004 to present. He is also Marshall County Emergency Services and Disaster Agency Coordinator (IEMA).

His activities beyond employment are as follows: Group Commander Air Force Auxilary CAP with rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Served as Senior Officer accident response teams, including Senior Missions Coordinator for search and rescue operations and civil disaster situations. Participated in FAA Wings Weekend fly-In.

He is a FAA Safety Counselor, appointed by IDOT Division of Aeronautics, to serve on Illinois Terrorism Task Force's Aviation Subcommittee. Former president and presently secretary of Illinois Aviation Trades Association. Assists in aviation repair at Oshkosh Air Adventure. Appointed to the Heart of Ilinois Regional Port District which promotes the economic development of six Illinois counties. Assists in organizing seminars for Illinois AP and IA renewal and also serves as a presenter at these events. Member of the FAA Aging Aircraft AD Hoc Committee. Member of the National Association of Flight Instructors. Member of Professional Aviation Maintenance Association. Neil has received many recognition awards including 1994 FAA-Dupage FSDO, Aviation Counselor of the Year, 2001 Illinois General Aviation Maintenance Technician of the Year, 2001, Marshall County Airport Small General Aviation Airport of the Year Award and the 2003 Bonanza Society Award for exceptional service as primary technical consultant.

Carl H. Unger
Carl started flying September 22, 1956 at Chicago Hammond airport. He received his commercial, instructors, multi engine, and instrument ratings. He worked for Corporate Air Transport at Midway while still instructing at Chicago Hammond. He also received his Helicopter rating from Willie Howell. Eventually he moved up to King Air's and HS-125's and is also ATP rated.

While at Midway airport Carl, Charles Roloff and Bob Liposky decided to build an open aircraft to get back to the basics of flying. They wanted the wind in their faces and that's how the Breezy was born. They test flew the first Breezy, R.L.U.1 on August 7, 1964, at the Lansing airport.

Carl has been flying the Breezy for over 40 years, to promote general aviation and to inspire young people to consider aviation as a career.

Carl's first air show was at Rockford's EAA Convention in 1965. He has received so many awards, they are to numerous to list. Carl has received countless letters from those who have received a ride in his Breezy, many of whom have gone on with the airlines or corporate careers. He has been acknowledged by hundreds of civic and aviation groups for his outstanding volunteer efforts to give almost everyone he meets a ride in his Breezy. Carl in his red vest , white shirt, black tie, cap and goggles has made flying a fun thing for all who have ventured a ride in the Breezy. He has patiently explained the workings of his Breezy to both young and old. Many have had their first airplane ride in Carl's Breezy. He has given rides to politicians and the well known personalities of our time. Carl is a true volunteer to those he has met and given rides in his remarkable Breezy.

Dennis C. Schuring
Dennis Schuring has served the aviation medical community for over thirty years. He was born in Elgin Illinois and had his first airplane ride at age three. After high school he worked at Sherman hospital and in January of 1963 to 1967 he volunteered in the United States Coast Guard. He was based at the Coast Guard Academy Hospital and three USCG cutters. Starting in 1968 he began his flight training and by 1970 received his Instructors rating. He started work with the FAA in September of 1970 to January of 2002.

He has worked in all aspects and has been heavily involved in Aeromedical Certification, Accident Investigation and conducting numerous Aviation Safety Seminars. Dennis has fulfilled almost 34 years of government service, including the United States Coast Guard. He is a current aviation safety counselor, a certified flight instructor, lecturer and he continues to donate his medical expertise to aviation communities and aviation organizations. Through his expertise and assistance he has assisted so many Illinois resident pilots to return to the cockpit. He is always willing to take the time to help those in need. His record in the field of aviation medicine while in the service of his country and in civilian life to fellow airmen is beyond reproach. He has demonstrated a common sense approach to the FAA, pilots and those in the medical field in general. Dennis has brought and continues to bring a common sense to the reality of pilot health and how it applies to a piloting certificate. Dennis has been an inspiration to those who have had the privilege of meeting and knowing him. He has received numerous awards from aviation groups, including many certificates and awards from the FAA.

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