2008 Inductees  

 Clarence Hess (Clancy) 
As a youngster "Clancy" had an opportunity to meet many of the well known air race pilots, that stayed at his parent sixteen room home in Niles Center, Illinois. One of those that stayed overnight  was Jimmy Doolittle.

At that time the National Air Races were held at the Curtiss Reynolds airport ( later NAS Glenview ) in 1929 and 1930. In 1935 they were moved to Municipal Airport. (now Midway ).  Hess was given flying lessons by John Livingston, for taking care of  his Monocoupe and Davis aircraft. As a marine pilot he flew in the Pacific in World War II and also in Korea.

Hess also flew for American Airlines for 32 years.  As a volunteer fund raiser and coordinator he participated in the development of the A&P building at Lewis University where he  continues to volunteer to this day.

Hess was one of the first members of "Wings Of Hope"a non for profit organization, to bring food and medical assistance to the poor and starving people of  third world countries. They started with a Cessna 185 and a Cessna 206.  They now operate 150 airplanes worldwide and Hess was also a Director of "Wings Of Hope". 

Hess has encompassed a vast collection of Illinois aviation history.  To this day he continues to  present  enthusiastic aviation historic presentations to aviation groups as well as non-aviation groups.
  Hess has been a member of the AOPA since March of 1940 and is an active member of many  other aviation organizations.

Hess is a person of good character  and his volunteer efforts with the "Wings of Hope" have helped thousands of poor and hungry and those in need of medical attention throughout the world.

Jean S. West

Jean began her flying career in 1943 and she received her pilots license in 1945. She earned her commercial, instrument and instructors rating in 1945 as well as her multi-engine  and glider rating.

This was no easy task for Jean. She was already instructing at the age of eighteen and young girls were not considered pilot material and she didn't get much help from "real pilots," which were other male pilots. She had to prove herself and  prove herself she did by flying in the Powder Puff Derby. She was a member of the Central Illinois Chapter of 99's.

In the early 70's and through the 80's, she arranged for and managed the chapter air marking program; air marking countless airports in central Illinois including Springfield, Peoria, Decatur, Champaign, as well as many other airports. She was active in the Civil Air Patrol where she acted as a volunteer instructor. Jean was also Operations Chairperson for the Illinois-Nines Air Derby for almost all the years that the race was held. She belonged to EAA, Antique Airplane Association, The Aero Club of Decatur, as well as the Glider club in Lincoln, Illinois. She is a life member of the Soaring Society of America. Both she and her husband have restored a Taylorcraft. Jean has probably trained five hundred to a thousand men and women to fly.

She was also an excellent mechanic and her knowledge of the components of an aircraft could embarrass some A& P's. Jean was also active as a judge in the inter-collegiate flying tournaments. When she could no longer fly as pilot in command, Jean continued to give biennials to her students--the last being in 2004. Her remarkable aviation career has spanned more than 50 years and her volunteer efforts have helped hundreds to achieve their goals in  aviation.

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