2012 Inductees  


Carl built model airplanes as a child. He saved 75 cents and took his first airplane ride in 1935. He tried to enlist in the Cadet Training program but was turned down because of a disturbed color perception problem.

He holds a Doctor of Education degree from Indiana University. He has been in administrative and teaching positions at all levels, Elementary, high school,  high school principal, Superintendant- K-12 Unit district, 13.5 years at SIU, Carbondale,  6.5 years as Associate Dean at John A. Logan Community College in Carterville, plus Consultant to the State Board of Education. Also on the board of Directors of Illinois Public Airports Assoc. serving as Chairman of the nominating committee, Historian and Dean of the IPAA Commissioners School which includes all area's of airport operation and management and concludes with a Certificate of Achievement.

  • He is a member of great Lakes Chapter of the American Assoc. of Airport Executives forover 10 years.
  • Senior Vice-Commander of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 71.
  • President of Earl Pate Scholarship Fund - John A. Logan Antique Club.
  • Precinct Committeeman- Ward 4 Carterville, Illinois.
  • SIU Alumni Assoc. March of Dimes Chairman for 11 years.


His recognition and awards are many. His service on the board of Commissioners of the Williamson County Regional Airport has spanned the following years: 1959-1983, 1985-1995 and 1999-present. A total of 43 years of service to the airport. He currently serves as Chairman.

It is a blessing to have  such a board member as experienced and truly willing to work in the best interests of the airport. Carl was nominated in 2009 and 2010.



John was the ninth born into a Polish family in the early 1930's. He attended Chicago Wilson Jr. College before being placed on the active Navy list during the Korean war. After four years he returned to civilian life and was accepted at Loyola Dental School. After receiving the D.D.S. degree he was awarded the Master of Science in Oral Biology.

In 1965 John and his wife Patricia received their private pilots licenses.  Since that time John has accumulated 12000 hours with 8000 hours of instruction in single and multiengine aircraft. Retired now from dental practice, he continues as an active instructor and the enjoyment of personal flying. John served as state president of the Illinois Pilots Association in 1978 and 1979. He also organized the All Illinois Air Tour two years in succession. He is a member of AOPA and a long standing member of the Flying Dentists Association and serves as chair of the Aviation Safety committee. He is active in the Chicago Flight Instructors Association and in the late 80's as an Accident Prevention Counselor and continues on today as an FAA FAASTTeam representative.

He continues as an active flight instructor, the Wings program and instrument instruction. He has presented numerous aviation lectures to local social groups as well as to the aviation community. In addition to his aviation volunteer efforts he  has given back to his community through his dedicated service  in the capacity of chairman of the Fire and Police Commission.  John has served the community of South Holland in many capacities with his time, talents and resources and has for many years supported South Holland's Holy Ghost Church and school, as well as the Elizabeth Seton Academy Scholarship Fund, by way of the annual Forest-Magon Golf Classic.

Many testimonial letters were included with this biography of John Magon. They tell the story of a very dedicated individual who gives of himself to many worthy causes in our community.  John was nominated in 2010.


Louie has been an aviation enthusiast for the majority of his 88 years. After serving in the Navy during WWII he obtained his private license on 2/22/48. He also chose to obtain his commercial, instrument single engine, multi-engine, and flight instrument ratings. He proceeded to pursue a career in aviation and has been active in volunteer endeavors to promote aviation safety throughout his career and since his retirement, Louie has maintained his ratings and remains an active pilot to this day.

Louie worked for the FAA serving as a Flight Service Specialist at Quincy, Il, Baldwin Field Airport. Following retirement in 1980 he accepted another aviation position as manager for Baldwin Fields fixed based operation, retiring in 1991.

This past July he completed his 19th consecutive year as a volunteer flight instructor at the 18th annual Wings Weekend in Mattoon, Il. He is active in the EAA Young Eagle's Program. He makes himself available to fellow club members to answer questions regarding aviation history, rules and best practices. He gives presentations to area civic organizations and service clubs. He has served as a consultant to local historians researching the history of aviation in the Quincy area.

Mr. Demers has received the following recognition and awards:

  • FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award(2005).
  • FAA Certificate of Appreciation for 19 years of volunteer flight instruction at the annual Wings Weekend (2008).
  • Breakfast Optimist Club of Quincy Outstanding Service Award (1992-93).
  • American Red Cross pin for 15 years volunteer service (2008).
  • He continues to serve as a lifeguard, CPR and First aid instructor at his local YMCA.
  • Awarded life membership in Optimist Club and actively supports its mission of providing opportunities for enrichment of youth.
  • Also active in his church, is an amateur radio operator and member of  the National Assoc. of retired Federal Employees and Quincy Citizen's Police Academy Alumni Assoc.
  • Mr. Demers was nominated in 2009 and 2010.



At the early age of 14 Bob know he wanted to be an aerobatic pilot. The road there took him to the Air Force, graduating as a Distinguished Graduate (one of only five from a class of 1500), flight instructing, Pilot Examiner, a career as a captain for United Airlines brought him to the Chicago area. He joined the Air National Guard at Chicago O'Hare in 1960 and served until 1965. He was an Instructor Pilot and Pilot Examiner on the KC-97.

During the Vietnam War, United Airlines was under contract to the US Government to fly men, munitions and supplies to the war zone. Bob participated as a pilot in the program from 1966-1969. Starting in 1985 United Airlines began an Initial Operating Experience (IOE) program which took a pilot new to that particular aircraft and had him fly with a check airman (flying passengers) until he was experienced enough to be pilot in command on that type. Bob was designated Check Airman for the Boing 727, DC-10, and Boeing 747. He served as Check Airman from the programs inception in 1985 until his retirement from United in 1993.

1970 was an exciting year as the International Aerobatic Club was formed. Bob (IAC member #103) was one of the founding member's of IAC and Chapter 1, organized at Bob Heuer's house in Maple Park, IL. IAC has grown to be the premier amateur aerobatic club in America. Most of America's greatest aerobatic pilot's have come up through the IAC contests to the US aerobatic team and careers in Air Shows.

Bob's first aerobatic airplane was a clip wing Cub purchased in 1968. There was no one around to teach him, so he got a book written by Duane Cole, studied the maneuvers and took to the skies to teach himself how to fly aerobatics. In 1970 he bought a Pitts S1S, the first symmetrical wing Pitts built by Curtis Pitts and began flying in IAC competitions.

When he entered his first IAC contest in the advanced category he won. He competed in many IAC contests during the 70's and 80's, winning the Illinois Aerobatic Championship one year. He went on to represent the United States on the U.S. Aerobatic team in 1975, 1976, 1977, 1984, 1985 & 1988, competing in the World Aerobatic Contests in 1976, 1984 and 1988.

He launched his professional career as an air show pilot in 1971. With over 40 years of flying shows he has been a crowd pleaser from the small country grass strip to the grand stage of Airventure. Since the EAA convention moved from Rockford Illinois to Oshkosh Wisconsin, Bob has flown the show almost every year.

Bob has built, refurbished and maintained many aircraft over the years. In the process he has mentored many young people and influenced their careers in aviation. Howie Stock of Woodstock, IL, worked with Bob on several projects. Through Bob's influence and support, Howie has become a Captain with US Air. Dan Frey came to live with Bob and his family as a troubled teenage in 1985. After he graduated from high school, he announced he wanted to follow Bob's footsteps and join the Air Force. and has served his country with distinction and in February 2011 was promoted to Chief Master Sergeant, the highest rank attainable for an enlisted man. Dan is currently serving a 6 month deployment to Afghanistan.

He completed construction of a Laser in 1983, working closely with Leo Loudenslager on the technical nuances of building the airplane to the standards necessary for flying aerobatics at the competition level. The Laser was sold in 1992 to a competition pilot in South Africa, who won the South African Championship in it. It is currently owned and flown in Australia.

Along the way he has served on the Board of Directors of ICAS, Chairman of the Safety Committee for ICAS, served on the Board of Directors of ICAS, Chairman of the Safety Committee for ICAS, served on the Board of Directors of IAC for over 20 years, Safety and Technical Consultant for IAC, the U.S.A. delegate to C.I.V.A. He was honored with the Special Achievement Award by ICAS in 1996. Bob has been an Aerobatic Competency Evaluator (ACE) since the program inception.

When the opportunity to own the Sukhoi Su-29 arrived in 1994, Bob took his flying another level. While flying a night show, one of the pyro canisters ignited in the wing, scorching the wing. This prompted him to design a lighting system to illuminate the smoke stream behind the airplane, simulating the glow of an afterburner. This technique is used by a number of performers flying night shows today. Always looking to improve, Bob added l.e.d. lights to the fuselage and wing tips for night shows. At the first night show he performed that year, the crown could not stop talking about the "amazing" light display on the aircraft. He was chosen to fly the first night airshow at Airventure, 2010.

When Norm Wingler approached Bob and invited him to become part of the DC-3 program at the Prairie Aviation Museum (PAM), he couldn't say no. The collaboration gave Bob the opportunity to work with the other great volunteers at the museum to bring the history of the DC-3 to countless people through touring airshow venues and having the airplane available for tours at the museum in Bloomington, IL. It also gave him the chance to teach. He, along with Jim Rosater, trained many pilots to fly a DC-3, including the great volunteer pilot group at PAM. Bob gave a young man, Thad Kelly, a ride in the Sukhoi when Thad was 17. Thad later went on to a career as a pilot for Fed Ex and became one of the PAM pilots.

In 2002 Bob was honored with induction to the EAA Aerobatic Hall of Fame.

Throughout his long career in aviation, he has always tried to broaden his horizons. He is also an A&P with IA authorization, Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), a member of the National Designated Pilot Examiner Registry (NDPER), and as pilot for the EAA B-17 charged with flight training and check pilot for the rest of the B-17 pilots.

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