Hall of Fame induction criteria

  1. Individual must have been involved in some aspect of aviation, principally in Illinois, over an extended period of time (15 or more years) rather than consideration for a single event.
  2. Individual to have made a substantial contribution to the development of Illinois aviation with a high degree of excellence in his/her activities.
  3. The individual's involvement should include activity beyond just paid employment.
  4. The individual should be beyond the 'mid-career' point... 50 years of age is a general guideline.
  5. The individual must be of good character.
  6. Your choice of Nominees to the Illinois Aviation Hall of Fame may include the following possible categories:
  • Pioneers (Pre World War Two)
  • Flight Instructors
  • Airport Operators
  • Flight School Operators
  • Professional Airport Administration
  • Aviation Educator
  • Volunteer involvement

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2022 Doug Kimmel , Donald Kirlin , John Charles Robinson and Lt. Col. Stephen Willis USAF Ret.
2021 Rob Mark , John Richard (Rick) Reed
2020 Giles Henderson , James (Jim) Klick Kenneth (Ken) Rapier Wilbur Louis Smith Lt. Col William R. Thompson
2019 Stephen Davis , Robert and Ruth Frantz Keith Mueller Everett Earl Outland Doug Powers
2018 Roy Beisswenger , Chris Collins Melvin Lynch Harold Neumann Al Palicki
2017 Marshall F. Knox , Cynthia Madsen Thomas Milton Lloyd Thomas Steve & Tina Thomas
2016 Lt. Col. Charles Boyle CAP, Willa Brown ChappellLudwig “Lou” Wipotnik
2015 Beverlee "Bev" Greenhill, Edward Baynard HeathColonel Robert L. "Bob" McDaniel (Retired), Edward B. "Ed" Shafer
2014 Frank Beagle, James Bildilli, Marvin Campbell, Jeannie Hill, Carl Wheeler
2013 Tom Cleveland, John Sheridan, Walt Kessler, John Reining, Max Firebaugh
2012 Dr. Carl Planinc, Dr. John Magon, Louis J. Demers, Bob Davis
2011 William Blake, Robert Rieser, Harrel Timmons, Francis "Nick" Lung
2010 William Coons, Arnold Zimmerman, William E. Somerville,
Rick A. Weinberg
2009 Thomas E. Lowe, Howard Levinson, Eldon Gene Hammond,
E. Allan Englehardt
2008 Clarence Hess, Jean West
2007 William R. Norwood, Janice Draper, Albert H. Luke
2006 Ronald Kelly, Neil Pobanz, Carl Unger, Dennis Schuring
2005 William Britt, Linda Hamer, Jayne Schiek, Norm Wingler
2004 Dr. Charles Rodriguez and Stanley Tonkin
2003 Larry Byerly, Oliver Boyd Clow, The Moody Brothers
2002 Merrill Meigs, Gene Seibert, Joan Kerwin, W. D. "Dip" Davis, Charles Nogle
2001 Walter Sedgwick, Richard Hill, Kenneth Medley, Willard Rue "Pete" Taylor
2000 Dean Stagers, Llewelyn "Lou" Williams
1999 Arthur T. Galt, Jr., Richard V. Hawker, Emil M. "Matty" Laird, Alfred 0. Sporrer
1998 Omer Benn, Charles Priester, Virginia Rabung, Joseph Steinhauser, William Turgeon
1997 John W. Blohm, John and Elsie Dacy, Harold J. Johnson, Esther F. Noffke
1996 Gene Littlefield, Edward Prosperi, John Hunter, Albert Hunter, Kenneth Hunter, Walter Hunter
1995 Lee Baker, Charles S. Downey, Jean McLaughlin, Frank Rezich, Mike Rezich, Nick Rezich
1994 Ralph B. Eckley, Art Chester, Ted J. Costopoulos - Koston
1993 William R. Bernard, M.D., Robert L. Heuer, Howard C. Knotts, Reed G. Landis
1992 Fred and Carrie Disosway, Harold W. Spencer, Robert I. Donahue
1991 Harold Hurd, S. Duane Moore, George C. Snyder
1990 Arthur E. "Gene" Abney, Harry Lewis Clugston, Theo L. Moore
1989 Lester B. Applegate, Charles Wells
1988 Verne Jobst, Raymond J. Johnson, Sally H. Strempel
1987 R. Millard Byerly, Arthur R. Currey, Elroy "Buck" Hilbert, Barbara Jenison, Fred E. Machesney, Kenneth F. Stanger
1986 Arthur Carnahan, John A, Dorigan, Ralph F. Flexman, Harold J. Homes, Wanda Bash Whitsitt
1985 Thomas S. Baldwin, Joseph H. Bittorf, Leslie A. Bryan, Malden Jones, Jesse W. Stonecipher
1984 Cornelius R. Coffey, Oliver I. Parks, Sr., Thomas A. Young
1983 Duane Cole, Burrill Coppernoll, Lois Feigenbaum, Rudy Frasca, Loren Hodge, Delbert Koerner, Frances McLaughlin, George Priester, Kenneth Ringel, Eugene Utz
1970 Octave Chanute, Edward Doll, Bert R.J. Hassell, Irving Metcalf, Pete Pearson, Jack Rose, William Douglas Ross, R.W. "Shorty" Schroeder, Jack Vilas