2005 Inductees  

William Britt (Bill)
Growing up on a farm in central Illinois, Bill began to learn to fly at the age of 13 in a Piper Cub. He opened a crop dusting service in Danville in 1949. By the mid-fifties, Bill became the FBO at Vermilion County Airport in Danville. The charter segment of his FBO grew as he filled in for Lake Central and Ozark Airlines with commuter flights. This led to the formation of Britt Airlines that grew to over 1,000 employees and 47 turbo-prop and jet aircraft. Operating without any subsidies, Britt Airlines carried almost 1.3 million passengers a year and was the second busiest carrier at O'Hare. The hallmark of Britt Airlines was that his entire family was involved in the operation of the business and he generously developed a full benefit package for his employees. While operating Britt Airlines, Bill designed several retro-fits for Beech-18 and B-99 aircraft. Bill gave back to the community in using his aircraft to support Lifeline. When Britt Airlines was sold in the 80's, Bill remained active in aviation. He still maintains his A/P Certificate. Bill has built two airplanes, one of which he is in the process of donating to the museum at Rantoul.

Linda Hamer
From the beginning of her flying career, Linda developed a fondness for aerobatic flying. She used that love to become an innovator and role model for all pilots, especially women. As the first woman President of the International Aerobatic Club, she increased membership, established a standard aerobatic program, and reviewed the FAA Guidelines for Aerobatic Competition. Linda also was a volunteer in the "99's" and chaired several of their events and air races. She has served on the EAA Board of Directors, helped establish the Professional Airshow Pilots Association, and helped develop the FAA Wings Program. She was recognized by the FAA for her efforts in assisting a lost pilot and she received numerous other honors from the IAC and the National Aeronautic Association. She is a ground school instructor through her local community college as well as a single and multi-engine flight instructor. Linda is past chairman of the Illinois Aviation Forum and the Hall of Fame.

Jayne A. Schiek
While not employed directly in the aviation industry, Jayne used her position as an instructor in the computer science department at Western Illinois University to develop and present workshops and outreach activities that encourage faculty and others to share in her passion of flying. Jayne literally became an aviation educator for educators. She served with the Ninety-Nines and was a charter member of Women in Aviation, Inc.

After being selected as the first woman commissioner to the Macomb Municipal Airport Authority, she assisted in organizing fly-ins and air shows during her nineteen year tenure. From 1980-1991, Jayne served as the first woman on the board of directors of EAA and was chairman of the activities center at the EAA convention. Jayne has served as a member and officer of the hall of fame for over ten years. Jayne has addressed several state and national educators' workshops, stressing the role of women in aviation. She is a licensed pilot since 1956 and has several aircraft including gliders and home-builts.

Norm Wingler
A lifelong resident of Illinois, Norm had his first interest in aviation as a boy during WWII. He carried that interest through college when he entered the Air Force Reserves through the ROTC program. In the Illinois Air National Guard, he established a lifelong fondness for the C-47. After leaving active duty, Norm worked for several Illinois corporations and retired from State Farm Insurance. In 1981, he became active in the restoration of military aircraft through a museum in Springfield. Using this experience, he formed "Gooney Bird Chapter" in Bloomington to preserve a DC-3. This effort was incorporated and eventually led to the full restoration of a 1942 CD-3 that is now listed in the U.S. Department of Interior's "National Register of Historic Places." This effort led to what we now know as the Prairie Aviation Museum. The museum has prospered emphasizing education to both young and old. Norm led another effort to expand the scope of the museum in the late 90's to include the Challenger Learning Center which emphasizes outreach to school age patrons. He has numerous Air Force honors. He served as President of the Hall of Fame and remains on the Selection Committee.

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